Sunday, July 17, 2016

Monday Missions & Summer BOOKTUBEATHON 2016!

I'm participating in another readathon this month, the Booktubeathon! 

The Summer Booktubeathon starts midnight July 18th (TONIGHT!!) and lasts until 11:59pm July 24th. 

The announcement: 

The Reading Challenges: 

The Giveaway: 

Everything you need to know: 


I will be doing the reading challenges this year... here is my current TBR: 

1. Read a book with YELLOW on the cover - Kamisama Kiss Vol TWO. 

I read the first volume for the Bibliothon and because I need to get this back to the library soon, I figured this would be the perfect choice, especially since it's quite a quick read. Quick reads are GREAT for readathons! 

2. Read a book only at night - Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead 

This is the THIRD book in the Vampire Academy series. I have read books 1 and 2 and have thoroughly enjoyed the series thus far. This will make a perfect AFTER DARK read!! :) 

3. Read a book you found through Booktube - Afterimage by J. Kowallis

I kinda have a cheat on this... I'm already well into this first book. I was offered free copies of Afterimage and it's sequel, Encender, in exchange for an honest review here on the blog... BUT, I intially heard about this book on Booktube from Booktuber Benjaminoftomes! 

4. Read a favorite author - All Just Glass by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

I have loved Amelia's books since I was twelve, maybe slightly younger, and have read the vast majority of them... BUT, I have three of her books that I've not yet read and I really, really want to. It's a fairly small book so it too should be a quick read!

5. Read a book that is older than you - Remember Me to Harold Square by Paula Danziger

This was published in 1987, two years before I was born. I originally read this book back in High School (early 00's) during study hall. I remembered it (and it's sequel) while browsing a used bookstore ( and decided to pick up both. I've been planning to give them a re-read to see how I like them as an adult, and it should also be a quick read, so it's perfect! 

6. Read and Watch a book-to-movie - Peter Pan by JM Barrie

I've owned and wanted to read this for AGES! I will be watching the 2003 movie adaption (with Jeremy Sumpter & Jason Isaacs) as it is my FAVORITE adaption... but I might also re-watch HOOK (with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman) and watch the new Pan movie. 

7. Read SEVEN books total - Encender by J Kowallis

I will be reading this early in the readathon because my review is due soon. 



I will be participating in the Twitter sprints and Instagram photo challenges so follow me on my personal accounts @serenshadow (my username on both Twitter and Instagram)


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