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New Releases from Mia Fox, Crista McHugh, & Michelle Irwin

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TITLE – Alert the Media SERIES – Hollywood Hotties AUTHOR – Mia Fox GENRE – chick lit/social satire PUBLICATION DATE – already published LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 225 PUBLISHER – Evatopia Press COVER ARTIST – Eden Crane


When you’re an entertainment publicist, there’s no better cure for a broken heart than to Alert the Media...
April and Ryan Monahan are the perfect Hollywood couple. He’s a handsome actor on the rise; she’s a high-powered entertainment publicist. Her job becomes more demanding, however, when Ryan announces he is gay and wants a divorce.
Believing that her persuasive power over the press will give Ryan the publicity he craves, April launches a swift media campaign to make him realize that he can’t live without her. But Ryan has decided that he likes the dating scene and April’s boss insists that she keep him happy as his account is important to the firm.
To her dismay, April is forced to protect her firm’s bottom line by maintaining Ryan’s status as a Hollywood heartthrob while enduring her own heartbreak. As she picks up the pieces of her destroyed marriage, April is determined to compete with Ryan for power, publicity, and true love -- even when her imagination takes her from the board room to the bedroom.
To save her sanity, her corner office, and her two dogs from becoming caught up in an ugly custody battle, April constructs a plan to use her media savvy skills to her advantage.



I entered the office conference room to find my assistant, Bebe, busily applying a green tea, mud mask to our Creative Director’s neck. Thus far, my assistants have either needed extensive training, or have just reached the point where they are well-trained and realize they are too advanced to be an assistant. Bebe was thankfully at the in-between stage, good for at least another six months before the threat of quitting would arise unless given a raise. She had also recently relocated to Los Angeles from Atlanta so hopefully she didn’t have enough connections for me to worry about her being poached by another firm. The only obvious health benefit I could discern from Bebe bathing Josh Cohen in this green goo was he couldn’t request anything from me for fear of cracking its cakey exterior. 
The firm’s president, Bruce Lindsay, was the only person senior to Josh. My three years at Cohen & Lindsay Creative revealed that Bruce brought forth the money, while Josh supplied an element of peculiar that the media and our clients interpreted as “genius.” 
I stepped over Josh’s supine figure and leaned down to where Bebe was kneeling amidst bowls of slime. “I don’t suppose you could give me a hand?” I asked. 
“Of course. Just as soon as Josh has been thoroughly cleansed.” 
“Send him to church,” I whispered. “I need you more.” 
Another ten minutes passed before Bebe appeared. “What took you? I’m on the verge of a life seizure.” 
Within the hour I had Bebe retrieve that day’s edition of Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety before Josh retreated into the bathroom with them. I never liked reading the mags after someone else had folded and fiddled with the different sections, disrupting their natural order and creasing the pages. The thought of going through a paper that had been exposed to Josh’s bathroom air was even worse. 
“Are they fresh?” I asked. 
“Of course, they’re pre-prune,” she said knowingly. 
I grabbed for the papers and began feverishly turning the pages until I found what I wanted. 
“Ooh, news about Ryan? Hurry, I wanna see, too,” she said leaning over my shoulder. 
I fumbled with the papers a minute, turning to the “First Look” and “Talent Watch” 
sections, trying in vein to find any news about Ryan that might give me a sign as to who or what had brought on this epiphany. “Bebe, I don’t think we’re in luck this morning.” 
“Okie dokie, I’ll just check on Josh if you don’t need me.” 
I waited until Bebe skipped across the hall to Josh’s office before returning to the section that would really give me an horoscope. 
Aries: Love relationship on tender hooks while moon is in Jupiter; give partner space for personal growth. Focus on quiet solitude to promote healing. 
I understand the theory of planetary pull, but in my experience, the planets never pull for me. The realization has forced me to discover my own astrological solution. If I find anything remotely negative with my horoscope, Aries (March 21-April 20 to be exact), I search for another sign more suitable. I figure with rising signs, birth signs, moon signs, and sun signs we’re all somehow related to nearly every sign. When the planets are completely ignorant of my needs, I form a sort of horoscope soufflé, gently folding in portions of one reading to add to another. 
My mother, a devout horoscope follower and Hints from Heloise reader, is convinced my practice can only lead to heartache and poor investments. My sister, Melissa, fears horoscopes reduce spontaneity by causing unnecessary consideration of one’s actions. In the continuum of my family, I fall somewhere in between. 
“Give partner space for personal growth.” Right. As if I could sit idle and allow Ryan to nab more boyfriends than my life’s total. I had to do something to correct this injustice. Ryan was obviously insane, and I was meant to be with him!


Mia Fox is a Los Angeles-based novelist who writes across varied genres including Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, and Chick Lit. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from U.S.C.
Before writing full time, she worked as an entertainment publicist, a career she chronicles in her novel, “Alert the Media.” However, she is happy to leave that world behind her, preferring that any drama in her life is only that which she creates for her characters.
She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three children, Casey, the Wonder Westie, and Bean, his brother.


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The Queen B* And the Homecoming King by Crista McHugh

Date of Publication: December 1, 2015


The Queen B*, Alexis Wyndham, has only three rules when it comes to dating that star quarterback, Brett Pederson:
  1. No obligations to spend every waking moment with each other.
  2. No public displays of affection while at Eastline High.
  3. And absolutely, under no circumstances, will she ever go to the Homecoming dance.
But as her life is completely upended time and time again, she begins to wonder if some rules are meant to be broken.
I'd never greeted a Monday morning with dozens of giddy butterflies in my stomach. Usually, I reserved my most dramatic sighs and biting comments for Mondays because—let's face it—they suck. But this Monday morning was different.
I, Alexis Wyndham, was officially Brett Pederson's girlfriend.
But I still wasn't ready to announce that to the world.
As we floated in a canoe among the water lilies in Lake Washington yesterday, I lay down a few ground rules to help me ease into this unprecedented (and unimaginable) situation. After all, it's not every day the Queen B* and the Quarterback become a couple. Dropping that bomb on our classmates could cause a rift in the space-time continuum.
Or at least cause my nemesis, Summer Hoyt, to have one very public and dramatic meltdown.
Rule number one: I refused to be one of those disgustingly cute couples that were joined at the hip between classes. We were dating, not merging our lives and identities into a single life-form. Brett had his group of friends and I had mine, and until recently, they never intertwined because I despised most of the in-crowd. If I hadn't gotten to know the real Brett during a class project, I would've continued to write him off as a dumb jock.
Lesson learned, but still…
Rule number two: no public displays of affection at school. Not that I had any problem with PDAs with Brett. I liked kissing him. But I also had been known to lose control when I was with him…and lose articles of clothing. And after having that awkward run-in with my mom and her boyfriend's PDA on our living room couch last week, I'd rather not make a spectacle of myself in front of everyone. It opened up the doors to ridicule.
Rule number three: I wouldn't go to Homecoming with Brett. I'd made it this far through high school without plunging into that cheesy sea of balloons and crepe paper while wearing a silly sequin-laden dress, and I wasn't going to cross that line during my senior year.

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About Crista McHugh

Crista McHugh is an award-winning author of fantasy and romance who writes heroines who are smart, sexy and anything but ordinary. She currently lives in the Audi-filled suburbs of Seattle with her husband and two children, maintaining her alter ego of mild-mannered physician by day while she continues to pursue writing on nights and weekends.
She is an active member of the Romance Writers of America (including the Greater Seattle Chapter and the Seattle Eastside Chapters), and Romance Divas.
Just for laughs, here are some of the jobs she's had in the past to pay the bills: barista, bartender, sommelier, stagehand, actress, morgue attendant, and autopsy assistant.
And she's also a recovering LARPer. (She blames it on her crazy college days)

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Decide & Decline
Declan Reede: The Untold Story series
By: Michelle Irwin
Genre: Erotic Romance
*Warning - Due to adult content & language this series is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.*

Book 0.5 in the Declan Reede: the Untold Story Series

Strap in, get ready to start your engines and see where it all began.

From an early age, Declan Reede’s only goal was to race in the ProV8 Championship Series. One thing he couldn’t anticipate was that a blistering kiss shared with his best friend, Alyssa Dawson, might derail his plans.

While he knows things between them will never be the same, it’s impossible to predict just where the road will take them, or how rocky it might get.

Will he decide to fight for love or follow his dreams?


Start Declan Reede's story today with the FREE prequel novella:



I was given an ARC of this story for an honest review. This is the prequel to Decide. It is the whole beginning of Declan and Alyssa’s relationship. They are in their last year of high school and are trying to come to terms with what they want in their future. Declan is bound and determined to be the youngest Pro-V8 champion in the history of the sport and Alyssa is wanting to go to uni and have a family. Their lives change in just one night. It goes from the best night ever to the worst night ever all because of words that should not have been said. Can this relationship work? Will they be able to come back together or will their life be torn apart forever?
This was a very interesting book. I was unsure of my reaction to this because I am much older than the main characters, but I was able to put that aside and enjoy the book. I would like to see where this story goes. Good, solid start.

Reviewed by Cryssy


Book 1 in the Declan Reede: the Untold Story Series

Hold on tight, stick to the racing line, and watch for the corners. 

Four years after making the decision to leave his home town behind, all of Declan Reede's dreams have come true. Unapologetically foul-mouthed, driven, and well known for his off-track antics, his success seems unstoppable. At least until Queensland Raceway and a chance sighting of the girl who once held his heart. Now, getting around the track seems an impossible battle as he struggles to return to his previous form. With his career racing downhill faster than his V8 on Mount Panorama, there's more than just his reputation on the line. 

What will it take to put the brakes on his decline? 




I was given an ARC of this story for an honest review.
Declan has made it. He was the youngest champion of the ProV8 Tour, but now his life is falling apart. He can’t sleep, he can’t focus, he has DNF’d (Did Not Finish) multiple times in a row and he is pissed. There is a reason for it though. He caught sight of the girl he loved a long time ago in the stands at a race with another man. But you see, Declan is no longer that same 17-year-old boy and Alyssa is not that same 17-year-old girl. Four years had passed since that horrible night of their last formal. The night Declan threw everything away. He has spent that time trying to rid himself of her by sleeping with so many women that he couldn’t come up with a number if he tried. He is wild an out of control. For a while, it was drugs, but he kicked that, now it’s drinking and partying. Clubbing and women.
Until the Bathurst 1000. The endurance race he is running when his world comes apart. His team is all set to win when once again, while behind the wheel his mind wanders to Alyssa. Yup, you guessed it. DNF #6. 
This is the story of how Declan is going to get his life back. Will he confront the demons of that poisoned relationship. Will he be able to move on and get his mind right? How is he going to confront his past and will he come out unscathed?

Warning, there is a huge cliffhanger. I definitely did not see it coming!

Good writing, solid characters. Would definitely like to read more of this series.

Reviewed by Cryssy


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Book 2 in the Declan Reede: the Untold Story Series

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Michelle Irwin has been many things: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; and a time-travelling madman in a box. All of these feats and many more were achieved through her voracious reading. Eventually, the cast inside her mind took over and spilled onto the page.

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.

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