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Unbound by His Love Trilogy
by Melissa Ann

Unbound by His Love
By: Melissa Ann

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***For mature audience 18+*** Newly engaged to Tyler, Michelle needed to get away, To escape her controlling fiancé, So, to Durham College she goes to stay. Surrounded by friends and a certain boy named Jax, Michelle finally feels like she belongs. Jax is a dream come true, But Tyler's possessiveness stays strong. Michelle knows who her heart should pick, The Bass Guitarist for a Christian Rock band. But her boyfriend Tyler doesn't like to give up what's his, Can Michelle risk Jaxon taking a stand?

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Melissa has done an amazing job of capturing the life a coming of age story.

We meet Michelle who is trying to find her way.  She is a college student and in a relationship with Tyler.  He is a jerk, no question about that.  He is manipulative, abusive, possessive, and controlling.  He expects her to hold up to his expectation when he feels he doesn’t have to.  When we are introduced to him, he is late picking her up after a night of partying and cheating on her the night before.  With her in college she finally has some space.  Where we meet sexy Jax.

Jax is lovable and everything she needs.  He is sweet, sexy, and most importantly the opposite of Tyler.  He giver her space and shows her she is worthy, when she feels she is not.  

Melissa did an amazing job with this story.  It grabs you from the get go and you will not put it down.  It is a different type of stories which is a nice change.  Warning: This book is for readers 18+ years due to content.  You have been warned.  It’s a story about a women who is learning to cope with her past and get away from the cause.  It’s also a beautiful coming of age story. Cannot wait for more. 

*¨*.¸¸.*¨`* REVIEW BY KELLIE *.*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*



Unbound by His Love 2
by: Melissa Ann

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***For Mature Audiences 18+*** A decision was made Michelle chose the one That would make her as happy as can be And her heart they had won Michelle knows relationships aren’t easy Challenges there will be But what they’ll endure Makes Michelle want to flee The love of her life Has been threatened, you see So now once again a decision must be made A difficult one indeed. There will be jealousy and threats A surprise at the end Someone making the ultimate sacrifice for love And a heart that might never mend.

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When you think that a sequel cannot top the first, you have not read this one.  Amazing job.

Everyone is back.  Michelle and Jax are still together and handling everything thrown at them.  She moves into her own place and of course Jax moves in with her.  Things are not a bed of roses for these two.  And will not take “we are over” from Michelle and has become lethal.  Michele wants to surprise Jax and enlists the help of his friend to teacher how to play guitar.  But there is a twist in there…is he all that he seems to be? Throw in Jax’s crazy ex-girlfriend and drama, drama, drama.  They are put to the test.  And there is a serial rapist about, need I say more.  Will they make it or walk away? What is Tyler plotting? What is everyone else up too?

This story is backed with an emotional roller-coaster.  I could not put it down.  Melissa out done herself.  I was going back and forth with this one and even had to put it down and collect myself.  No spoilers, but I have to read the next.  WARNING: For readers 18+ years due to content.  You have been warned.

*¨*.¸¸.*¨`* REVIEW BY KELLIE *.*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*


Unbound by His Love 3
by Melissa Ann

3 cover

*** For mature audiences 18+*** Sacrifice of a love affair... Hearts broken Questions unanswered Pasts intertwined And blackmail spoken Michelle's number one priority was keeping Jax safe but she soon discovers that perhaps it was a tragic mistake. Why isn't he looking for me? Has he forgotten me already? I'm drowning in a sea of darkness Please save me from this misery. Since the first moment he laid eyes on Michelle, Jax knew she was "the one", but her constant need to run from their relationship has him wondering if she cares about him at all. Why did she leave me? She took a part of me that day Things just aren't adding up I just can't stay away.

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U.S.: http://amzn.to/1aV3Aow
CA: http://amzn.to/1JKttDB
UK: http://amzn.to/1DiNZZY

I really have no words.  BEST BOOK IN THE SERIES.  Melissa has topped it again and skyrocketed.

I the last book, Jax and Michelle had hit some major roadblocks.  She is always on the run from things, but can you blame her.  She was abused by her last boyfriend and he cheated on her.  Jax is an amazing guy, but he too has problems.  Ex-partners, misunderstanding all come to the point of almost ripping them apart.  Michelle is take and she cannot understand why Jax is not looking for her.  She is in a dark place and she really cannot afford to be if she is going to survive.  Jax things she has left him due to again misunderstanding.  Will he find her? Will she survive? Can she find the strength to fight? Will they really be torn apart? 

I really cannot give too much without giving major spoilers.  And trust me you want to read this book.  I could not stop.  Amazing job.  Just when you think it cannot get any better, Melissa tops it.  WARNING: Readers 18+ years due to content.  Amazing job Melissa.  Best Book yet…what will you came out with next.

*¨*.¸¸.*¨`* REVIEW BY KELLIE *.*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*

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 A Silent Canvas is Melissa Ann’s debut novel. What began as an idea three years ago, blossomed into a full-fledged historical romance series. Since the resurrection of her first novel, Melissa has also written a New Adult Contemporary Series which is scheduled to be re-released April 16th, 2015. Melissa currently lives in the Great White North with her husband and two children. She’s an avid supporter of World Wildlife Fund and makes an effort to involve herself as well as her family in fundraising campaigns for various charities. Melissa has an Employment Counsellor Diploma from Fleming College, but she prefers writing stories over resumes. When’s she not busy in the office helping her husband, she gets to do what she enjoys most… writing, reading and spending time with her children.    

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