Monday, April 6, 2015

Blog Tour - Playing With Temptation by Erika Wilde + Review

Playing With Temptation 
by Erika Wilde


When Raina Beck is given an invitation to The Players Club, all she wants is a night of decadence with a gorgeous, sexy stranger. The seductive, mysterious man she meets fulfills her deepest desires and most erotic fantasies, giving her a night she’ll never forget. But forgetting him isn’t quite so easy. 

Logan Cruz prefers his women submissive and compliant in the bedroom . . . everything the independent Raina is not. Yet from the first moment he lays eyes on her, he’s determined to make Raina his. Despite her resistance. When Logan is assigned to protect Raina from a stalker, everything between them changes. Sex becomes more than just physical, and emotions run deep. Falling in love was never on Raina’s agenda, but can she let go of the past and surrender the one thing he wants the most . . . her heart? 

I really enjoyed this book it has just the right amount of suspense, sexiness and drama. Raina owns an adult toy store and has achieved everything in her life by her own drive, she is a strong, hardworking and highly independent woman. Her past relationships lead her to live out a life purely dedicated to her work and no time to actually let anyone in to her heart the one person she did hurt her even more and from that moment on she chose to live her life with no commitments to anyone but herself. She has struggled to overcome the unfair judgment and treatment from her own parents and ex-fiancé that she doesn't feel worthy of love. Her inner struggles makes you realize how much pain she has had to endure throughout her life that have led her to close herself off from love.

Logan is a sexy alpha male who personifies strength, dominance and passion by his looks alone, but once you get to truly know him his personality will make you fall deeply in love with him. His past has shaped who he is now he hasn't let anyone in and has devoted himself to only work and the occasional encounter. His dominance is strikingly appealing. One invitation to The Players Club will change both of their life's forever.

Raina and Logan have an instant connection the instant they see each other, their connection only intensifies and they share a passionate encounter that only leaves them wanting more from each other. Raina is not so accommodating, she can't allow herself to feel anything more for this marvelous man who has clearly ruined her for any other man. What Raina doesn't realize is that Logan is determined to get his way and the future holds so many unexpected surprises.

Logan is assigned to be Raina's bodyguard and protect her from a stalker from there their chemistry only ignites a deeper need for each other. They both have to learn to finally give in to each other in order to let go of their past and trust that they can make their love prosper. I would have liked to have seen more definite closure between this dynamic couple but glad I will hopefully get to see more of them in the next book in this series. Overall it was a great read!


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