Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When It's Over by Emma Lauren Release day and Review

~~Happy Release Day To Emma Lauren~~

When It's Over

by Emma Lauren


A beautiful college senior and her private writing professor collaborate in more

ways than one.

As Sydney's final semester at Addison College begins, she registers for an

independent study with Professor Sparling. Unable to suppress the attraction she
feels toward her teacher, Sydney flirts shamelessly. To her surprise, Professor
Sparling reciprocates.  Sydney loves the magnetic tension between them, but most
of all she loves to imagine that perhaps she and her professor are truly meant
to be.  
Still, Sydney can't deny that she harbors deep feelings for her ex, Henry.  At the
center of a torrid love triangle, she must decide whether to forgive Henry's
betrayal, or plunge into an affair with her very sexy, rule-breaking

Two men want her, only one can have her.

Professor Henry Sparling puts his job on the line to be with Sydney. 

is determined to keep them apart. 

Henry claims he lied to the woman he loves for all the right reasons. He'll do

anything to win back Sydney.  But will she give him a second chance?

This racy novel from the When It’s Love is a new adult romance series continues Sydney Morrison’s passionate coming of age story.  Haunted by her mysterious past and torn between her desire for two men, the more Sydney learns about life, the less she understands. How far can she go
with her professor before it’s too far?  Can Henry convince Sydney that his love for her is stronger than his lies? Will love win over


~Kellie's Take~

I was luck to find Emma Lauren by chance.  Once I read her first book When It’s Love, I was hooked.  And I was lucky enough to have the second ready to go, but the wait would have been worth it.  You actually feel for these characters.  You have Henry, who is head over heels in love with his best friend Sydney, and she is completely oblivious to it.  She is crushing on her professor.  Henry has a very unique way to look at things.  His heart is in the right place but just like the best of them his actions show differently.  Henry and Sydney have a falling out, because when you’re in love with your best friend that what happens.  Sydney is very conflicted.  She has Henry who she wants to forgive but it’s just not that easy, then her crush starts to show a little interest.  Talk about drama.  This book is so well written that you will have a hard time putting it down.  The Characters are well developed and you feel as if you are in the story with them.  Not many books can do that.  There are twists and turn and I cannot wait for the next one.  

~About the Author~

Emma Lauren is a writer and editor.  Her debut novel, When It’s Love, was an Amazon best seller.  She loves spending time with her husband and three children, writing, reading, and drinking coffee.  

Author Contact:

Twitter: @emma_romance 


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