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Thursday New Releases ~ Willa Throne, Nelle L'Amour, & Rae Lynn Blaise

Today is the release day for The Manhattan Series by Willa Thorne. We are so excited to share this fantastic new release with you! Willa is sharing an excerpt and giveaway with us to celebrate the release. The Manhattan Series rdl ban

Manhattan series Ebook Cover
The Manhattan Series Synopsis:

Once upon a time, In a city not so far away, There lived a girl who was in love with her brother's best friend. Years later, their paths crossed again. But he wasn't the same man she once knew. Jaded by the world, he decided to use her as his pawn in a plan for revenge…   British businessman, Mason Woodward, seems to have everything going for him. He’s handsome, wealthy, and knows how to get what he wants. His best friend, Travis, was like a brother to him, until the day he found him in bed with his girlfriend. Now, Mason has a plan for payback that involves Travis’ younger sister, Jillian.   "The plan seemed simple. I'd use her every which way, and then send her back to her brother with a clear message: You had your fun, and I had mine."   Little did I know that I'd end up falling for her…   The Manhattan Series includes all three books in the set. Book 1: His Pawn Book 2: Queen In Play Book 3: End Game   Get Your Copy Today: US: UK: CA: AU: PicsArt_05-22-03.24.52 

  Exclusive Excerpt: Every ounce of composure I gathered inside the bathroom left me as soon as I stepped foot into his office again. Mason stood, leaning against the wall adjacent to the bathroom door. He’d removed his black suit jacket, and was wearing a crisp white button down. His tie had been removed. I could see the definition of his biceps and his hardened abs through his shirt. He stared down at me hungrily as he prowled toward me. My eyes widened for a split second as he came closer, and in response, I took a few steps backwards until I felt my back against the wall. My breathing quickened as his body now pressed against mine, pinning me to the wall. I couldn’t escape- not that I wanted to. His gaze alone entranced me, and left my insides smoldering. The scent of him clouded my senses as the heat of his body overtook me. The lace underneath my pencil skirt was officially wet. For those few seconds, as anticipation increased, I gazed up into his light brown eyes. There was a darkness in those eyes. Lust. If words weren’t going to convince me to accept his terms, then he was going to show me. I knew this, but I didn’t care. His arms wrapped around me, the strength of his body overpowering me. His lips crashed down on mine, and I savored his taste. His lips enveloped mine while both of his hands flattened against the wall, not allowing me to move. His kiss was heated and passionate, yet tender. I felt a force stronger than any magnetic pull as he consumed me. Words can’t begin to describe how he’d captivated me, and I wondered if he felt the same pulse between us. He nibbled on my lower lip gently as his hands slid down my body. His tongue tenderly slipped between my lips, silently demanding I part for him. I opened my mouth for him and welcomed his tongue as it caressed the inside of my mouth. I ran my hands up and down his back and it only encouraged him to ravish me even more. I’d kissed two guys in my life before Mason, and I’d never felt such sensations from a kiss before. This was more than a kiss. This was indescribable. My body careened with desire against his. With his mouth still possessing mine, he took my hand and placed it on the bulge of his pants. “Feel what you do to me,” his voice was raw in my ear. My heart was rampant as I felt the large, tented bulge in my hand. Solid and rock hard, for me. I stopped breathing for a second. Before I knew what was happening, he’d bunched my skirt around my waist and pressed his knee between my legs to hold me in place. His hands reached around my backside, gripped me, and he lifted me up as though I weighed no more than a feather. “Wrap your legs around me, sweetness,” he whispered in my ear before returning his lips to mine. Immediately I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him with lustful intensity as he carried me to the oversized white leather sofa situated on the other side of his office. He sat down, leading me to straddle his lap. I felt the thick hardness beneath his black pants. A soft moan escaped my lips as his hardness pressed against my wet lace, rubbing me right… ohhhh there. Ah! I lightly rubbed myself on his tented shaft and it caused me to ache with need. Based on what I was feeling beneath me he was too big to fit inside me. His lips finally left mine and he trailed licks and kisses down my neck as his fingers slipped beneath my lace panties. He grunted as he felt how damp my panties were. His thumb and forefinger rubbed my clit, soft at first, and then he quickly adopted a rougher tempo as he rubbed me and flicked me, making me so wet and swollen. I’d never experienced such aching desire as I did with this man. “Oh Jill. You’re soaked for me,” he whispered into my ear. I moaned softly at his touch. “You need to be fucked. Hard. You have no idea what I have planned for this sweet little body.” His thumb and forefinger massaged my bud, and then he slipped a finger into my heat. I let out a breathy moan into his ear, and it only encouraged him. Then he slipped a second finger into me. I buried my face in his neck and moaned from the pleasurable pressure he applied to me down there. I felt him grow and harden beneath his pants. “You’re so tight,” he said between kisses down my neck. His fingers moved in and out of me rapidly and I mewled in his ear. “When’s the last time you were fucked good and hard?”


Willa Throne Bio: Willa Thorne is the author of the sexy and steamy Manhattan Series & the standalone romance, CLOSED HEART, which just released in February of 2016. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her work, She writes sensual, contemporary romance stories which are filled with emotion, secrets and twists. She is originally from New Jersey, and currently lives in Southern Connecticut with her husband and rescue pup
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Title: Trainwreck 1 & 2
Series: Trainwreck
Author: Nelle L'Amour
Genre: Erotic Romance 
 Release Date: June 2, 2016

An Alpha Billionaire Romance Inspired by a True Event

Series Overview

A steamy and suspenseful two-part series by New York Times Bestselling Author Nelle L’Amour, with both novel-length books releasing on the same day!

Sarah: I’m an utter trainwreck. I can barely pay my rent. Mom’s sick and her insurance company won’t cover her experimental drug treatments. To make matters worse, I work for a total bitch, who makes the Devil Wears Prada look like Mother Theresa. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m probably the only twenty-five-year-old in Manhattan who’s never been laid? Then, I met him on a train. Ari Golden, New York’s most eligible and panty-melting bachelor. Don’t ask what happened. I’m ashamed to tell you, but the truth is it really happened to me. I made the biggest mistake of my life…because an unexpected discovery now threatens to destroy us.

Ari: I’ve sworn off women. At least, having them in my bed. No woman is allowed there. I’ve been hurt both emotionally and physically and don’t want to go there again. And besides, I have someone way more important than myself to protect. Then, I saw her, and from the moment I set eyes on her, I knew there was something different about her. Something special. She sat next to me on the train and I couldn’t resist. I should have, and now I risk losing everything if I don’t stop…because my past has come back with a vengeance to haunt me. The last thing I need is another trainwreck.

Hold on to your seats for the steamiest ride you’ll ever take! When the past and the present collide, will fate derail Ari and Sarah or will it bring them to their final destination before they crash and burn?

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Both books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited


The door to the unisex lavatory located at the back of the Amtrak cabin was locked. That meant someone was inside. I tapped my foot impatiently, my head filling with the image of the blond, blue-eyed Adonis sitting next to me. Why couldn’t I stop thinking about him? These kinds of things never happened to geeky me. They were the stuff of novels and movies. Not my mundane all-work-no-play life.

“Hi.” A familiar velvety voice catapulted me out of my thoughts, and a waft of warm breath blew across the nape of my neck. I spun around.

My mysterious stranger. His crisp blue eyes burned into mine, making my temperature soar and my bones turn to liquid. What was he doing here? I suppose he had to go. I couldn’t stop that.

I turned my head away, and stared squarely at the bathroom door, praying silently that whoever was in there would hurry up. He blew hot air on my neck again and wrapped his arms around my waist, drawing me tight against his rock-hard body. A warm, hard bulge pressed against my buttocks. I was all twisted up with nerves and might need the bathroom more than I’d originally thought.

Finally, the door burst open in my face; a sour-faced matron barged out. Calling on every muscle in my body, I broke free of Trainman’s grip and hastily dashed inside. My hands shaky, I fumbled to slide the latch, but before I could get it through the lock, the door forcefully swung open.

“I couldn’t wait,” Trainman growled, pushing me against the edge of the sink. He pressed his hips tight against mine. I was trapped.

He leaned in close to me. A mix of his warm, minty breath and expensive cologne with its musky scent rushed up my nose. His eyes narrowed, turning into collectible slivers of blue sea glass. His mouth descended on the right side of my neck then slowly trailed upward to my earlobe. He clamped his warm, soft lips on the cartilage, alternating between nipping and sucking it. Oh my God! I didn’t know my earlobes could feel so much. The last time they felt anything was when I got them pierced in eighth grade. And that was pain. Pure pain. Now what I was feeling was bliss. Pure, tingly bliss…and the sensation was coursing through my entire body.

Still pressing me hard against the sink with his hipbones, he pinched my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers and then began kneading them in small circles, each rotation harder than the one before. Magically, the delicate buds puckered and peaked beneath my cotton tee. A new I-want-to-burst-out-of-my skin sensation gathered in the triangle between my legs. It was if my tits and clit were connected by a power cord. I moaned softly.

“You don’t wear a bra,” he murmured in my ear.

I rarely wore a bra because I really didn’t need one. My boobs never got past a small A-cup, the size of old-fashioned champagne saucers. Before I could say a word, that is if I could utter a word, he whispered, “Sexy.”

Me, Sarah, plain and tall, sexy? And this coming from this gorgeous beast? Pinch me. I must be dreaming this entire fantasy. As if on cue, he pinched one of my nipples again. My girl bits roared in delight. No, this was real. And it was happening to me. Sarah Greene. Art school graduate. Aspiring toy designer. Twenty-five-year-old virgin.

I stared at his breathtaking face. His eyes were cast downward. A sly smile tipped to the left made me nervous. In a good way.

While one hand continued to twirl a nipple, the other slid down my torso past my tight, twisted abdomen and under the elastic waistbands of both my skirt and pantyhose. His hands felt like hot velvet as they explored my inner thighs.

“Hmm,” he purred. “No panties?”

I never wore panties with pantyhose. Why bother? They were called pantyhose for a reason. And I confess, not buying expensive panties—and bras—saved me a lot of money. Money I needed desperately to visit my mother.

“Very sexy,” he said, enunciating each syllable, as his fingertips made their way to the triangle between my legs. They stopped to caress my patch of hair, stroking it as if it were a beloved pussy…cat.

“So soft and silky,” Trainman purred again as if I were auditioning for one of those look-at-my-gorgeous-hair Pantene commercials.

After a tug of a curled clump, his fingers crawled to the sensitive folds between my legs. They explored this new territory eagerly like someone who was searching for gold. And then he discovered it. The nugget. Greedily, he rubbed the pad of this thumb around his discovery with intense little circles that were driving me insane. I squirmed against the sink as a loud moan escaped my lips.

“Do you like this?” he crooned, picking up his pace and applying more pressure.

“It feels good.” That was an understatement. Holy cow! It felt amazing! Buzzing with intense pleasure, I wanted to jump out of my skin. My eyes caught a glimpse of him. A wicked smile crossed his gorgeous face, and his piercing blue eyes glistened.

“Saarah, I can’t help myself,” his voice all hot and breathy. “I want you.”

And despite myself, I wanted him. So badly I was panting like a dog in heat.

“I want to fuck you senseless. Will you let me?”

“Yeah, cool.” Cool? What was wrong with me? I was anything but cool. I was a total hot mess who couldn’t add one and one.

A pleased, sexy as sin smile played on his face. Still massaging my clit with his thumb, he plunged his long thick middle finger inside me. I gasped, not prepared for the shock of penetration. Shockwaves spread through my body as his finger slid up and down the soaked walls, each thrust deeper than the one before.

“Jesus,” he moaned. “You’re so fucking hot and wet for me. And you’re as tight as a virgin.”

I gulped. Should I tell him? Was I supposed to? Or would this confession turn him off?

As I contemplated what to do, he continued his ministrations, pumping me harder.

Dripping with my own wet heat, I gasped again, still not sure this was really happening. My core was aching for more. Desperate for it. Why was I not resisting?

“I’m going to take you now,” he growled.

Take me where? I didn’t want to be anywhere, any place but here in this cramped bathroom with this sinfully sexy mysterious sorcerer who was doing his magic on me.

Author Bio

Nelle L’Amour is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin teenage princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment industry with a prestigious Humanatis Prize for promoting human dignity and freedom to her credit, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago, but still enjoys playing with toys…with her husband. While she writes in her PJ’s, she loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s Hollywood royalty. She aspires to write steamy stories with characters that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon and stay in your heart forever.

Her bestselling series include Unforgettable, THAT MAN, Gloria’s Secret, Seduced by the Park Avenue Millionaire and critically acclaimed Undying Love. Writing under another pen name, she is also the author of the bestselling fantasy romance series, Dewitched: The Untold Story of the Evil Queen.

To learn about her new releases, sales, and giveaways, please sign up for her newsletter and follow her on social media. Nelle loves to hear from her readers.

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Title: Boss Volume 5
Series: Boss
Author: Rae Lynn Blaise
Genre: Mob BDSM Romance 
 Release Date: June 2, 2016


He’s betrayed me in the worst possible way.

My heart wants it to be a mistake.

My mind has me on the run, for my life.

Will I survive without him? Do I want to?

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99c for a limited time only!


Also Available

Six years ago, I made a deal with the devil.

Six years ago, I delivered a package to a man that made me tremble - in fear and in lust.

Six years ago, I barely walked away with my life.

Today, that man became my boss. And I'm still trembling.



There is more to my boss than I ever expected - more needs.

But then, there's more to me than he knows - more wants.

Together, we could start fires with our scorching heat.

But how hot can we get before I am burned alive?



My past is threatening to overwhelm me, to destroy what happiness I have found.

My lover, my boss has a past as well, but he won't let me in.

I'll do anything for him to let me in - anything.

But can I survive the secrets I uncover?



I'm afraid I'll be destroyed the same way my sister was.

I want to understand his secrets, I want him to protect me, but now he has me under his control.

I'm afraid I'll disappear and no one will even know I was here.

I can't stop, though...because I'm falling in love.



Author Bio

Tattooed connoisseur of smut. Compulsive writer of any sexy idea that drifts through my mind. Hurricanes and hot guys always welcome.

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