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Tuesday Books from Ashley Hampton, Shelly Bell, & T.J. West

Title: I Never Dreamed
Series: Southern Rock Lyrics #2
Author: Ashley Hampton
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Interracial Romance
 Release Date: March 22, 2016


Dr. Nate Roman


Once was enough. I'll never give my heart to another again. One night with a woman is enough for me now. As a psychologist, I deal with emotions all day long. Life gets messy when emotions are involved, and I like my life uncomplicated.

Dr. Lynsey Henderson intrigues me. Her smile makes my heart skip a beat. I want her in my bed, but she isn't proving to be an easy conquest.

Dr. Lynsey Henderson

I finally have everything I dreamed about since I was a kid. Well, almost. I have the best job as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, and I live in a beautiful historic home in a quaint small town. I'm missing someone special to share my life with. Someone special to love. The last time I tried was a colossal disaster.

My path has crossed Dr. Nate Roman's multiple times at work. He is beyond gorgeous and just the kind of guy I swore I'd stay away from.... he has a different girl every night, and I'm not going to be one of the many.

He is so damn sweet when he tries to convince me to go out with him, and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to resist.

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Author Bio

Ashley Hampton works as a Licensed Psychologist in private practice during the day. When she leaves work, she puts on her writer and photographer hats and enjoys living in the worlds created in her mind. She lives near her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama with her cat, Gemma. Ashley wanted to find a creative way to meld her love for music and psychology with writing, and the Southern Rock Lyrics series was born. With other series planned, Ashley wants to write in the romance, erotica, and psychological thriller genres.

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Title: Black Listed
Series: Benediction #4 (standalone)
Author: Shelly Bell
Publisher: Avon Red Impulse
Genre: Erotic Suspense
 Release Date: March 22, 2016


She sacrificed everything to keep him safe…
Five years ago, con artist Lisa Smith broke the first rule of hustling when she fell in love with—and married—her mark, billionaire Sawyer Hayes. The erotic nights spent acting out her darkest fantasies with her husband and Master were the happiest of her life. But when her ruthless father demanded she kill him and take his money, she had no choice but to disappear without a trace…or lose him forever.

He’ll risk everything to have her again…
Now Sawyer has found her, and he has an indecent proposal: submit to him for seven nights and he’ll grant her the divorce she desires. Forced to pretend she no longer loves him, each night spent in his arms is exquisite torture as they reignite their intense passion through role play and ménage. But when a deranged killer out for revenge targets Lisa, she must finally trust Sawyer with the secrets of her past…or neither of them will live to see the future.

Warning: sado-masochism, group sex, fisting, and consensual non-consent

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As long as Lisa had the ability to inherit Sawyer’s estate, he was in danger. Now that he was back in her life, there was one more thing she could do to ensure his safety.

She squared her shoulders. “If I did you a favor by leaving, then you won’t mind giving me a divorce.”

He flinched, the first crack in his armor that she’d witnessed tonight. “That’s what you want?”

Her breath stalled in her chest. “Y-yes.”

A divorce was the last thing she wanted, but it was what they needed. She should have done it years ago, but she couldn’t be the one to file since she would be required by law to give her address.

A slow grin appeared on his face. “What will you give me for the divorce?”

She’d gotten butterflies every time he’d smiled at her in the past, but this time, a lead weight filled her belly. “Give you?”

He toyed with the ends of her short brown hair, his fingers restless. “You took that money from me. Even though legally you had every right to it, you played me to get it. You owe me. And I’m here to collect.”

“I told you, I don’t have the money. You saw it yourself. I own nothing. There’s no way I can repay you.” She took a deep breath, trying not to let his nearness affect her.

His hands framed her face. “I don’t want money. There are other more pleasurable ways to collect on the debt you owe me.”

“What are you suggesting?” she asked, afraid of his answer.

“Seven nights. Same soft and hard limits from five years ago.”

Her heart sped up, making her breathless. Out of all the things she expected him to say, that wasn’t one of them. “So if I make love to you for seven nights, you’ll grant me a divorce and forgive the debt I owe you?”

He laughed. “What we’ll do could never be classified as ‘making love.’ We’ll fuck. I set the scenes. And you can do what you do best.” His expression turned cold once more, while his eyes seared into her. “Pretend.”

It shouldn’t hurt as much as it did. Like Sawyer had reached inside her chest cavity and squeezed her heart in his hand.

She could barely get the words off her tongue. “Role play.”

“If you hate me so much, why do you want to fuck me again?” she asked. “I would think a divorce is exactly what you’d want. At Benediction, you have an entire sex club of women at your disposal.”

The idea of him with another woman twisted her insides, but it would be much harder to take him inside her body again and not show him how much she loved him.

She wasn’t that good of an actress.

“I already have an entire sex club of women at my disposal. Didn’t Rachel and Logan tell you about their time at Paradise Found?”

Rachel had mentioned she and Logan had hid at Paradise Found, Logan’s friend’s club in Las Vegas, and Rachel had described to her at length the sinful things she’d seen there. “You own a sex club?”

“Why does that surprise you? You know better than anyone how much I enjoy a good fuck. Once you left, I considered myself a free agent.” His lips tightened into a straight line, his eyes flat. “You didn’t actually think I’d wait for you, did you?”

“No,” she whispered. “Why would you? You were right. Our marriage vows meant nothing. You had every right to sleep with as many women as you wanted.” She looked him straight in the eyes. “And I had the right to sleep with anyone I wanted as well.”

He didn’t give her a warning before slamming her up against the bookshelf. If there had been any change in his eyes, anything other than the coldness still lingering, she would’ve believed he was jealous.

His scent and heat wrapped her in an embrace even as she tried to resist the spell he held over her.

She thought about what Rachel had told her about Paradise Found. She’d mentioned that Logan’s friends were into ménage. Did that include Sawyer? While she had remained faithful, had he been indulging in wild sex parties and threesomes?

Sawyer braced a hand over her head, looming over her as he boxed her in. “For the next seven nights, you belong to me. You don’t fuck anyone else. You don’t even think about fucking someone else. Your nights are mine. Your body is mine. Do it and I’ll grant you a divorce and forgive your debt. You won’t ever have to worry about me again.”

Seven nights. It should be so easy to get him out of her system. But despite what he thought, she’d worry about him for the rest of her life. For the next week, the pleasure he’d bestow would be a living hell for her. It was punishment for her sins. It was no less than what she deserved.

She gave a sigh of resignation. “It’s a deal.”

Praise for the Benediction Series

"A rollercoaster ride of jaw-dropping sex, heated anticipation, and a perfect dash of suspense, all tied together with flawless writing. When I wasn't clenching my thighs, I was frantically flipping pages to find out what would happen next! I can't recommend this series enough. Buy it. Devour it." ~ Alessandra Torre, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Shelly Bell is a fresh new voice in erotic romance. She brings the heat!” ~ Lexi Blake, New York Times Bestselling Author

"White Collared takes you on a thrill ride of danger, murder and lust, leaving you hungry for the next installment." ~ Stacey Kennedy, USA Today Bestselling Author

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Author Bio

A sucker for a happy ending, Shelly Bell writes sensual romance often with a bit of kink and action-filled erotic thrillers with high-emotional stakes for her alpha heroes and kick-ass heroines.

She began writing upon the insistence of her husband who dragged her to the store and bought her a laptop. When she’s not working her day job, taking care of her family, or writing, you’ll find her reading the latest smutty romance.

Shelly Bell writes the Benediction series for Avon Red Impulse and the forthcoming Forbidden Lovers series for Grand Central Forever.

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Title: Lasting Lyric
Series: Downtown #4
Author: T.J. West
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Cover Design: Cover to Cover Designs
Photography: Kruse Images & Photography
Model: Benjamin McKee
 Release Date: 2016


It was a spark neither one of us saw coming....
It was a love neither one of us expected... 

It's a competition of wit and intelligence. Our attraction undeniable and our chemistry magnetic. Very much different in our upbringings, so naturally the odds would be stacked against any kind of romance. 

I'm the rock star and she's every bit the good girl. We respect each other, but push each other’s buttons. Our friendship is unconventional, but something inside of me tells me that Lyric is my perfect fit. 

It only takes one moment to change everything, one moment to turn my whole world upside down. What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? Are you prepared to handle the emotions? 

She'll be the one lyric I can't shake…


I am ready to give Lyric a hard time. She’s either on her computer or on one of her phones. Yes, she has two fucking phones. One for work and one for her family. I’ll call her work phone. She’s more available from that one.

She picks up on the second ring. “What are you still doing up?” Lyric says, jokingly.

“What are you still doing up?”

“I am working. What about you?”

“Working on what?”

“Bills, my calendar, manager stuff,” she sighs. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“What question was that?”

She groans, “What are you -”

“I’m pulling your leg. I heard you,” I chuckle. I love setting off her temper. Her snappiness is adorable.

“Ha ha, mister comedian.”

“What? I’m fucking hilarious.”

“Maybe, but your language needs work.”

“You fucking love my fucking language.” She really hates when I curse. I make fun of her all the time about it. She’s involved with a bunch of guys who curse their balls off. She needs to get used to it.

“Back to my original question. What are you doing up at two in the morning? You should be sleeping.”

“Yeah. Couldn’t settle down after the show.”

“So how did you know I’d still be awake?”

“I didn’t. I took my chances.”

“Really? I bet you saw my last tweet. Don’t lie, you know you did.”


“That’s what I thought.” I can tell she’s smiling, I can hear it in her voice. She is amused by our conversation and wants to have a debate.

I walk back inside the room and turn on the air conditioning. The humidity was beginning to make me sweat. “You really believe taking a break from social media would help people develop stronger relationships?” I plop myself onto the bed and rest my back against my pillows.

“Of course. I wouldn’t have tweeted it if I hadn’t thought that. If everyone took the time away from their phones more often, you would see a lot more interaction between couples, friends, family. Social media has interrupted so many lives.”

“I don’t believe that.”

“How so?”

“We’re talking, aren’t we?”

“So?” she scoffs. “It’s in the middle of the night. I’m talking about during the day, work, play, every day stuff.”

“Are you implying I’m a social media freak?” She knows I am, but so is she. She just won’t admit it.

“Those are your words not mine. And I wasn’t implying anything, but now that you bring it up - yeah, you’re a bit obsessed with Twitter and Facebook.”

“I’m only on there for the band.”

“Bull,” she clips. “What were you doing before you guys went big, huh? Before social media was even around?”

I have to think about this for a second. “Can’t remember.”

“Exactly,” she points out. “It’s taken over everyone’s lives. How sad is that?”

“It’s way the world spins these days,” I shrug. “I think social media is a fucking hoot. I love interacting with the fans, making posts about our concerts and lives. Makes it more personal for them.”

“Well, that does make sense for certain aspects. But don’t tell me you play Candy Crush? Such an absurd game.” I bet she just rolled her eyes. She does that a lot.

I have to admit, she got me on that one too. I love Candy Crush. “I play when I’m bored.”

“Oh, good grief!” she groans out.

I laugh on the other end. Lyric is overly dramatic sometimes, I have to laugh about it. “What’s wrong Charlie, did I say something wrong?”

“Shut up.”

“You like playing video games, so what’s the difference?”

“The difference is, it’s just another way to get you from socializing with others. Playing video games on the TV I get to sit there with an opponent and kick some major butt. You can’t do that with Candy Crush.”

She is not convincing me very well. “Sure you can. You can try outscoring me.” There is a pause on the other end. I’ve got her thinking about beating me on another game and that grabs her attention, yet again.

“Huh, never thought of it that way,” she mumbles.

“I got something circulating inside your head.”

“Ugh,” she groans again, “you are such a bad influence!”

I hear a ping on my phone. I look at my notifications and see Lyric has joined Candy Crush. I want to laugh so hard right now. “You’ve downloaded it, haven’t you?” trying not to laugh.

“Heck no!”

“You’re such a bad liar,” I chuckle.

“I am not lying!”

“So I just got a notification from Facebook saying you’ve started playing, because?”

I can sense the smoke coming out of her ears when she snaps at me, “Good grief, get some sleep, will you, I’ve got work to do.”

I’ll just let her sit in her puddle of regret and call it a night. “G’night, Charlie.”

“Stop calling me that.” She is so irritated with me, I can’t help but love it.

“I can’t help it. Every time you say good grief, it makes me think of Charlie Brown.”

“Good night, Slim.”

I chuckle, “Later,” and hang up. After talking with Lyric my head finally shuts down and I am ready to go to sleep.

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#2 Harmony's Healing

#3 My Melody

Author Bio

I'm a stay at home Mom of two teenagers. I became a self published author in 2014 after being inspired by many self indie authors. I have enjoyed writing for a long time, but never thought my imagination would carry me to this point in my life. After many years of losing my passion, and from enjoying raising my children I am finally at a place where I can reach for my dreams. Whether I become a best seller or not, I am loving the journey I am on and will continue to write as long as my readers are willing to read my stories.

Other interests: Watching many many TV shows (yes I am addicted), movies, hiking, going to the beach, spending time with the family, road trips, cocktail nights with friends and being interactive with my fans, friends and family on Facebook.

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