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Book Blitz ~ The Clairvoyant’s Glasses by Helen Goltz

The Clairvoyant’s Glasses by Helen Goltz 

Published by: Atlas Productions
Publication date: September 28th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

When Sophie Carell was eight-years-old, her eccentric, clairvoyant great aunt, Daphne, predicted Sophie would be one of the greatest clairvoyants of her time. Sophie wanted to be a movie star. Her mother said not to worry about it—Aunt Daphne was daffy.

When Sophie is called to the reading of Daphne’s Will, she is given a pair of glasses that will change her life. But that’s not all she acquires. Along with the glasses, Sophie ‘inherits’ a protector—the handsome and powerful Lukas Lens; plus brooding Detective Murdoch Ashcroft who is keen for Sophie to fill her aunt’s shoes and put her talents to work for him.

Sophie has to decide if she will focus on her acting career or explore her new-found clairvoyant skills. But danger lurks around the corner…



Excerpt #1

A large ornate glass vase shattered into pieces on the counter in Optical Illusion. Alfred Lens moved quickly from behind the counter to the door, locked it and turned over the sign reading ‘back in ten minutes’. 
Lukas Lens swore. He turned away from his grandfather and put his hand over his eyes. 
“It’s okay,” his grandfather said, in a steady voice. “No harm done, just focus.”
Orli, hearing the noise, rushed out from the back room where she was preparing several orders for customers. As she did, another smaller crystal statue of a woman shattered opposite where Alfred Lens stood.
Lukas’s jaw tightened; his spare hand gripping the counter tightly, his knuckles white. Orli placed her hand on his shoulder. 
“Lukas, let it go,” she said, to him in a low, calm voice.
Lukas didn’t move. His chest rose and sank in quick succession, he continued to cover his eyes with one hand and lean on the counter with the other. The counter beneath his hand began to crack, glass fissures running all along the bench.
“Orli, get away,” Lukas hissed. He could feel his power surging, he could feel his grandfather sifting through his mind, trying to calm him.
He opened his eyes; they blazed yellow like a wild animal and he gritted his teeth. “Both of you, get away from me!”

Excerpt #2

Sophie entered her aunt’s former office; she looked small surrounded by the huge wall-to-floor windows. Even the desk felt big as she lowered herself behind it, adjusting the chair and setting up her diary and laptop. She looked up and jumped with fright. A man filled the doorway—tall, well-built with dark hair, he appeared from nowhere.
“Sorry,” he said, stepping out of the light.
“You scared me; couldn’t you cough or something?” She covered her heart with her hand. “Who are you?”
The suited man stepped forward and offered his hand. “Sorry to upset you on your first day on the job. I’m Detective Murdoch Ashcroft.”
Sophie stood and shook his hand. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be cranky, but it’s all a little… scary at the moment,” She self-consciously straightened her pale lemon dress and then her hair. He was handsome, way too handsome for his own good, she thought.
He looked around. “Scary, huh? I’ve always loved this room.”
“So, you’re a detective, Detective Ashcroft? Hmm, then you of all people should know not to sneak up on unsuspecting persons.” Sophie moved away from the desk and to the window where two couches were placed. She indicated a deep leather chair opposite and he stepped forward and lowered his tall frame into it. She sat opposite.
“So, I expect your aunt mentioned me?” he said.
“Nope,” she answered which wasn’t quite true as she knew her aunt worked with the police, but she thought the detective’s ego seemed big enough to fill the room already.
“Oh.” He looked crestfallen. “But you inherited her skills and her… uh office.” He looked around again and returned his gaze to her. “I like what you’ve done with the place as they say.” 
Sophie smirked. “I haven’t done anything yet, but throw out all of Daphne’s junk.” 
“Yes, it’s called the minimalist look—clean, I like it.” Murdoch nodded. 
“Me too, I can’t bear clutter,” Sophie agreed. “I got a huge bin delivered, threw everything into it and had them take it away.”
“You didn’t throw away Miss Sharpe by accident?”
Sophie laughed. “Goodness no. Besides she would have known in advance... she is worse than Daphne!”
Detective Murdoch Ashcroft laughed a hearty laugh. Definite potential, Sophie thought. She studied him; he had the darkest eyes she had ever seen and was ruggedly handsome, and no wedding ring. She imagined he could handle himself.

Excerpt #3

Sophie studied Lukas. 
“You have more questions?” he asked.
“A thousand—like do you age normally, do you change at all when you are doing witch stuff and many more, but not for now, I need to take it all in.”
Lukas ran his hand through his light brown hair. “Good idea, enough for now. But in a nutshell… yes, I do age normally… look at Alfred. No, I don’t change into the Incredible Hulk and I’m on your side.”
Sophie smiled as she stood and walked to the window to look out on the street. “A month ago none of this world existed, now I’m hanging with a witch, it’s surreal,” she said. 
Lukas rose behind her. “I imagine it is a bit daunting.”
“That would be the understatement of the year,” she said, turning to face him. “Can I ask you one more question today?”
“Of course.” Lukas leaned against the counter watching her, his hands flat on the counter top.
“Don’t be offended, but you’re not the most masculine guy—in your suit, you look like you’ve just stepped off a Calvin Klein fragrance shoot. How exactly does your line of the family protect us?”
“Mind power,” he answered.
“Is that enough?” Sophie lifted a glass paperweight that was reflecting prisms of light from the window and held it up in her palm. 
Lukas glared at the glass prism, his pale blue eyes went amber; it shattered into pieces.
Sophie screamed and dropped the remaining shards from her hand. His eyes returned to a pale blue colour.
“I’ll do my best,” he assured her.


After studying English Literature and Communications at universities in Queensland, Australia,
Helen Goltz has worked as a journalist and marketer in print, TV, radio and public relations. Helen is the author of seven books and is published by Clan Destine Press and Atlas Productions.

Author links:

Publisher – Atlas Productions:
Website:          www.atlasproductions.com.au
Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/AtlasProductionsBooks
Twitter:           @atlasloveswords


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