Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BOOK REVIEW ~ Breaking Free by Cara Dee

Breaking Free
Cara Dee

Book I of II. 

The Hollywood scene has always fit Tennyson Wright like a too-tight sweater. A highly respected director, he has managed to avoid the games and power plays of Tinseltown. Until now. To gain more publicity for the film he's shooting, the studio has decided a PR relationship is in order, and soon Tennyson finds himself pushed into the spotlight with one of the actresses on set. Rich, spoiled, much younger, party princess Sophie Pierce. 

Sophie, famous for being infamous, got her part in the film due to her daddy, the studio chairman. But there’s more to her than wild nights and drunken tabloid photos, and she’s aching to prove it. Under Tennyson’s protective wing, she begins to navigate the uncharted territory of responsible adulthood and takes the first steps toward a legitimate, lasting fame based on her talent, not her reputation. 

But in order for Sophie to truly soar on her own, she’s going to have to shed every part of her life. 

Freedom has a price.

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*¨*.¸¸.*¨`* REVIEW BY CHRISTINA *.*¨*.¸¸.*¨`*

I have to give this book a 5 star rating. Like any other book by Cara Dee, this is 'drop everything and go read' amazing. 
At first, I was a little frustrated with Sophie's character; young, childish and naive, but I loved how Cara slowly and gently developed her character to a caring and smart woman.

The relationship between Tennyson and Sophie starts out rough, forced together for a publicity stunt that neither enjoys, but even those can have a happy ending. It doesn't hurt to have some steamy lemons in there either. 

The awe moment for me was when Sophie collapses and Tennyson spends the night at the hospital with her because of worry. That was his turning point and I fell in love with his tender side, as did Sophie.

A great pair and I am looking forward to reading more of these two come August.

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