Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All But Lost by Jillian Neal Release Day Blitz + GIVEAWAY

Jillian Neal
All But Lost
Release Date: 3/10/2015


With the quick lock of their eyes on one another, the passion ignites. Their bodies speak volumes that can never be shared. As long as Dan Vindico keeps Fionna Styler between him and his bed sheets, she’ll be safe. If anyone finds out about the two of them, she’ll be at the very top of every Interfeci hit list. Keeping anyone from knowing that his world now rises and sets to the rhythms of her body is all that matters.

The Realm prepares for a long anticipated trial, the birth of the new Crown Governor’s baby, and the wedding of the century. Everything is going according to plan until one night threatens to unravel every precaution and every safeguard Dan has set to keep Fionna safe. If he doesn’t end the Interfeci soon, he’s going to lose everything, including Fionna.

Dominic Wretchkinsides, head of the Interfeci criminal organization, goes several steps too far, and Dan declares war. They meet in a heated battle where the winner takes all and there are no holds barred. Could getting everything he’s wanted for so long cost Dan Vindico everything he already has? Can he keep Fionna safe or will everything he’s worked for be All but Lost?


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About Author

Jillian Neal is a Romance writer with a passion for passion who pens strong, character driven novels, told from the male perspective. Her guys aren’t afraid to let us inside their minds or inside their bedrooms. They’re hot on the trail of a sinister criminal organization when they’re not burning up the bed sheets.
She’s a self-proclaimed ‘Southern girl with a sassy mouth.’ Her coffee addiction is barely legal, and she’s most often running around with her hair and her pen on fire! She's full of smarts, sass, and sizzle and that's a lot to get into barely five feet of girl with her head always in the clouds.

About The Gifted Realm Series

Within The Realm (The Gifted Realm #1)
He buried his father seven years earlier. As Rainer Lawson comes of age, he is set to join the ranks of Elite Iodex, the fiercest law enforcement organization in the Gifted Realm. Rainer will not allow his father's assassination to have been in vain.
Emily Haydenshire has been the love of his life since childhood, and he wants nothing more than to start their life together. Heady desire consumes them both, but this raw sexual need could blind them to the dangers that surround them.
As they allow their voracious passions to consume them, evil seems to lurk around every darkened corner. The Interfeci criminal organization is desperate to regain power. Iodex is set to use their extraordinary powers to harness and control the energies of the Earth in order to keep the Interfeci at bay. Will Rainer's determination be enough to protect his family and the love of his life Within the Realm?

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With that, Logan leaned and slowly brought his lips to hers. He mated their mouths, tracing her with his tongue until he was sweeping it slowly through her mouth, feeling her energy fill his soul and restore the restless, plaguing murmurs of his mind.

But all thoughts of work were incinerated in the searing knots of need that shot through his veins. “Damn,” he growled as his eyes took in the feast before him. The real estate in his jeans became nonexistent, and his muscles throbbed.

“I want you again. I want you all night. All mine.”

She spread her legs and let her eyes close as he continued to map and explore her beautiful body softly with his fingertips. He lingered in the valleys that held heaven on earth.


“Even with all of that stuff that happened to me, you are the only girl I’ve ever kissed. The only girl I’ve ever felt-up. And my God, the only girl I’ve ever made love with, and baby, that makes me the luckiest guy on this planet or any other. How did I ever get so lucky to get the girl that’s perfect for me on my very first kiss?


“I am the luckiest guy in this entire restaurant to have you sitting right there beside me. To be married to you,” he continued, “and I’m sorry. I don’t want to rush you, baby, but my God I want you, Ad. I just want to hold you with nothing between us. I want you naked in my arms, sweetheart, all night long.”

“I love you,” he whispered just before he plundered her mouth. His tongue sought hers. His body needed to show her what she meant to him. He sucked and dragged his teeth over her bottom lip in a heated claim of ownership. They sought redemption in each other.


He leaned and brushed his lips tenderly across hers. He felt it instantly, the spark, the need, the essence of her.
She panted, and a low groan escaped his lungs. It had been so long. He moved his head to the other side and slowly began to feel the swell of her lips against his own. He traced them with his tongue, memorizing the way they felt once again.

“Fi, just for a minute, baby, don’t think.” He leaned in and kissed her again as she panted. “Just feel. Just let it all go for me, everything but you and me. Right here, right now, just feel.”

As the moon began its dance on the ocean waves, Dan eased her out of the hammock and carried her to bed. She never stirred. Contented and finally safe, she slept peacefully in his arms.

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